The March Report….

I’m taking a break from the pile ‘o files on my desk to pen a short post on our first month here on slabbed and the posts our readers found most interesting. I won’t bore you with a top 10 list; instead I’ll share what you liked that jives with the posts I liked. Nowdy please feel free to chip in with your favorites that were also crowd pleasers. Obviously the response in terms of both page views and visitors far exceeded our old blogspot site and our wildest imaginations. Drumroll please….

My Baby Wrote Me a Letter

Far and away our most popular post was also one of our shorter efforts Email from Hillary. It serves as proof positive that ordinary people can make a big difference as our friend Steve, aka Topbanana was able to work the politics involved with the Mississippi Democrat Presidential Primary and extract a letter from Senator Clinton to Senator Dodd in support of HR 3121. In the process he also managed to land himself in an AP story when hubby Bill visited the Pass.

Dickie Scruggs Ain’t the Only Guy with Money to Burn

Another extremely popular post involved the story of State Farm buying the election for Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier. Their return on investment was a favorable ruling in the appeal of a class action lawsuit that had gone against them to the tune of $458 million dollars plus punis.

Not a Post but Pages….

Our readers wanted to know a bit more about us and that made our “About” page our fourth most popular stop. Close behind at number six was our “Insurance” page which I have neglected to write. Spare time this time of year for me is scarce and Nowdy refuses to trespass on my area of expertise. Speaking of Nowdy this blog could not exist without her considerable efforts. She deserves the credit for slabbed (or the jeers from those who disagree with what we write.) ūüėČ

Crooks in Gucci Suits

Melvyn Weiss makes Dickie Scruggs look like a boy scout with his multi year buy a lead class action plaintiff racketeering scheme. For junkies of rich and famous trial lawyers that take a big fall type story this is the biggest one you never heard of – far bigger in my mind than bribing a small time North Mississippi Circuit Court Judge. No accounting for what turns people on….

Rebecca Mowbray Wins an Award

This post is on track to become our all time leader. Written just last Saturday it has vaulted into our top ten garnering more daily hits since it was written than all others penned since by far. I agree with Mr Trahant that Ms. Mowbray’s reporting on Katrina insurance issues deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

I Ain’t a Stinkin’ Egomaniac

It just occurred to me that all the previous posts mentioned were mine. Like I said the credit for this blog goes to Nowdy. Her straight news posts on the Dickie Scruggs guilty plea ranked very high on our hit parade and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it.

Honorable Mention Goes to Al

Al Copeland’s passing still generates daily interest. I have another post to write on the subject, I just need to find time to put it together. Since Katrina, circumstances forced me to become myopic toward my little world in Mississippi. With Al’s passing I’ve realized how much I missed our neighbors to the west. I need a Drago’s fix.

Thanks to all our readers, including those from State Farm for patronizing our little corner of cyberspace. Also¬†special thanks to Sid Salter’s favorite “troll”,¬†Bellesouth for helping us with PACER docs. Belle is the kind of¬†free spirit¬†normally found on the coast, misunderstood by many but greatly appreciated here for adding spice to the variety of life. A dream offline gathering at my rebuild housewaming would include Belle, Koolaid, Russell, Nowdy and my finance board friends Smurk, P, OM, Assumption¬†and¬†especially the “Caps”.


4 thoughts on “The March Report….”

  1. I can’t decide if I’d rather be off your list totally or just have the one mention. : ) You’re right when you say slabbed has exceeded our expectations this first month – and so has the number of related stories. So much for the time I thought I’d be spending getting all the pages loaded.

    My most popular post was on Zach’s James’hearing – it attacted more spam from hearingaidsites than our top post attracted readers! You’ll notice that I’m no longer leaving spaces around the “h” word – hopefully that will take care of the problem.

    If anyone has a comment that hasn’t been posted, please try again. Chances are in got caught in the truckload of spam I unknowingly generated.

  2. Don’t sell yourself short Nowdy, I run a close second with Alabama senior citizens spam. I forgot to add Mr CLS to my list of dream attendees at the party. He is one of those folks that make my life easy by feeding us stories from Louisiana. We need to plan a Drago’s trip soon, its rocking up on a year since I’ve been.

  3. Definitely CLS, Sop. Of course, I’ll have to study for your party in case your finance friends show up.

    I’m glad you mentioned bellesouth – and I’m glad the belle found us. I never understood why folks reacted the way they did – but it’s their loss IMHO.

    Here’s to April!

  4. Wow! I know this is my first go-to place every morning and I am never disappointed. I am so glad Nowdy and Sop found me! It has truly been an rewarding experience all around for me.

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