…and with our super-deluxe indictment, you can brown your beef by the pool

Yet another amazing difference in USA v Moultrie and USA v Scruggs is the mutually agreed to take-all-the-time-you-need Motion for Continuation.

Well, it does get so very hot here in July and early August and it takes so much time to prepare for a really big case – months and months just to go through the government’s evidence and on certainly wouldn’t have time between now and the middle of June to prepare for two

Plus, if you’ve got a great place in Florida, you surely don’t want to spend your summer in Oxford and certainly not London – big tourist season, you know.

Judge Mills is just so much more understanding in warm weather. Good thing, too. When folks are given a short time to examine a truckload of evidence and have every motion denied, they often end up with a plea agreement – and we surely wouldn’t want that to happen, not here in the hospitality state, not with our super deluxe.