…and with our deluxe indictment, you can be “leaving on a jet plane”

Our home boys get the standard issue turn-in-your-passport indictment; but, hey, we’re the hospitality state and for our wealthy out-of-state indictees – folks like Robert Moultrie, we offer the deluxe.

Just show up, let us take your picture and you, too, can join your wife in London to celebrate her birthday.

Oh, and, if you’ve got a couple of old polygraph tests, be sure to drop those off on your way to the airport – and, hey, thanks for bringing your own evidence.

No doubt it’s somewhat insulting to be indicted over cull cows when the bulls at Moultrie Meadows are so fine they’ve got names – in fact, everything about Moultrie Meadows seems fine.

With almost 800 acres of land, Moultrie Meadows sits on the banks of the Flint River, with almost a mile of river frontage…Beginning as a weekend “get-a-way” retreat and equestrian stable for Cheryl’s dream to continue riding horses as she did as a child in Mississippi…

…the Main Lodge and Stable and Stable Loft were built and dedicated in November, 2000. Since then, Cottages have been added to accommodate the many family and friends who join them for weekends and holidays. A Chapel has been added along side an historic family Cemetery on the land and a Skeet Shooting Range is now open.

Wouldn’t you know it – birthday girl is one of our own! Her background in fundraising certainly has come in handy. An obviously talented full-time volunteer, Cheryl Moultrie designed the interior of the couple’s 11,000 square foot home, Moultrie Manor. for entertaining.

The main floor is covered throughout with seagrass carpet…they also use that material in their Florida home.

Blond cabinets and pickled pine floors set the tone in the kitchen, where clocks set to Eastern (Atlanta), Central (Birmingham, Nashville, and Jackson), Pacific (Seattle) and European (Amsterdam,) reflecting the time zones where the Moultrie children reside. The breakfast area is also spacious enough to handle the caterers.

Downstairs features a sophisticated pub/game room and 1,800-bottle wine cellar. Theslide2_403853_private0210_30.jpg dark mahogany walls, created by Mortensen Woodwork, are grounded by a travertine floor. A Thomas Arvid painting hangs above the pool table.

On the lower level is the home gym, which is accessible from the master bedroom by a spiral staircase. The grounds include a heated pool, waterfall, tennis courts, a putting green and a pitching area on three acres.

Another Mississippi tie – one of their five children lives in Jackson. Imagine that.

While you’re imagining things, imagine where the birthday celebration would have been had Judge Biggers continued to handle the case instead of getting pulled into USA v Scruggs. One thing’s for certain, it would not have been London.

He does seem to have a way of making folks sing but so far no one’s been brave enough to so much as hum all my bags are packed and I’m ready to go…I’m leaving on a jet plane – likely for fear of where they’d end up! Judge Biggers doesn’t offer the deluxe!

h/t Marshall Ramsey for the birthday story.

2 thoughts on “…and with our deluxe indictment, you can be “leaving on a jet plane””

  1. its interesting to see there are still people out there that actually have no idea what their talking about. its also disappointing to see someone be brought down for something defines washington. i would think about it before you actually purge your self hate on the internet. i guess it’s hard to imagine someone who works hard and actually does the right thing and accomplishes what he imagines. It’s not a pay off or a conspiracy that brings success.

  2. I can only think you’re Rip Van Winkle making this comment so late in the game and mistaking outrage at the deference shown to this defendant versus the treatment of Scruggs by the court and over the interenet as self-hate. How off the wall. As to what he eventually entered a plea to, if that was your point about “something that defines Washington” you’ll see that opinion is shared if you read the posts at the time the plea was entered. Assuming you are interested in knowing what you’re talking about.

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