More on the Ocean Springs Survey

Here is the Sun Herald story on the Ocean Springs survey. It adds some color not found in either the WLOX story or the Newswatch this Week Interview. I’ll add my own experience since Katrina is the loss of coastal residents is also the state’s loss as the overwhelming majority of re-locations which I am familiar involved moving to another state as borne out by resident Brigitte Bernhardt in the story.  Tennessee seems the destination of choice for those I know who have left.  The Sun Herald story:

Mayor Connie Moran said Friday that a survey of her city demonstrates how post-Hurricane Katrina insurance price increases, in some cases more than 200 percent, are financially crippling coastal residents and towns. Continue reading “More on the Ocean Springs Survey”

Mayor Connie Moran Interview on Wind Insurance and Resident Survey

At the end of February we wrote a post concerning a survey Ocean Springs Mayor Connie Moran was conducting on insurance issues. The survey is now complete and Mayor Moran was ready to talk about the disturbing results she received in the feedback. She noted on WLOX TV yesterday that Ocean Springs has issued only one commercial building permit so far in 2008 and placed the blame squarely on wind insurance as the reason. The interview runs around 8 and a half minutes and is well worth watching. Thanks to Cowboy for capturing the video early this morning for us on the repeat broadcast. It can be found at the bottom of this post.

WLOX also ran a companion news story Friday on their 5 PM broadcast.  Here is the link to that video reported by Patrice Clark.  Following is the print story found on the WLOX website.

Sky rocketing insurance rates are pushing many residents out of Ocean Springs. That news comes from a survey conducted by the city to learn more about residents’ post-Katrina insurance problems. Continue reading “Mayor Connie Moran Interview on Wind Insurance and Resident Survey”

…and with our deluxe indictment, you can be “leaving on a jet plane”

Our home boys get the standard issue turn-in-your-passport indictment; but, hey, we’re the hospitality state and for our wealthy out-of-state indictees – folks like Robert Moultrie, we offer the deluxe.

Just show up, let us take your picture and you, too, can join your wife in London to celebrate her birthday.

Oh, and, if you’ve got a couple of old polygraph tests, be sure to drop those off on your way to the airport – and, hey, thanks for bringing your own evidence.

No doubt it’s somewhat insulting to be indicted over cull cows when the bulls at Moultrie Meadows are so fine they’ve got names – in fact, everything about Moultrie Meadows seems fine. Continue reading “…and with our deluxe indictment, you can be “leaving on a jet plane””