Siegelman’s release should answer “Eastland” who?

Former Governor Siegelman’s release should resolve questions asked when Steve Patterson selected Greenwood (MS) attorney Hiram Eastland to represent him in USA v Scruggs.

Has Eastland ever in his life handled a criminal case…to the best of my knowledge no one has ever considered him a “go-to” guy for criminal work.

I’ll say this in public, and not much more: Hiram Eastland is a lowish level political operative, not a lawyer. In the sort of fix Patterson is in, there is no skill Eastland has I know of that you would need. Coghlan is a real criminal defense lawyer, and I would assume had nothing to do with bringing in the, um, extra talent.

It seems the, um, extra talent, came in handy for the former Alabama Governor – and unlike some in Mississippi, um, the folks at CNN and Talking Points knew the go-to guy when the story broke.

As the lead appellate counsel on Siegelman’s legal team, Eastland developed the legal theories and wrote the briefs that the 11th Circuit agreed with in freeing the former Alabama Governor while his appeal is pending.

Looks like we’ll have the opportunity to hear this profound story when Siegelman testifies before Congress in May. It’s anyone’s guess if or when the profound story of USA v Scruggs will be told – but there’s no need to keep second-guessing Eastland’s claim there’s one to tell.

One thought on “Siegelman’s release should answer “Eastland” who?”

  1. The ironies are delicious Nowdy. The second foot in mouth quote came from a blogger whose website has made the Siegelman case one of their major cause celebre. I think the bottom line is there are those who are accomplished wind blowers and then there are those who are the doers that make it possible for the blowhards to exist. Clearly Mr Eastland falls squarely in that second catagory.

    The fact Mr Eastland was hired on by one of the participants in the judicial bribery scandal was all I needed to know about his skills as a criminal defense lawyer. In that light it should come as no surprise he has experienced some success on Mr Siegelman’s behalf. We wish him well in his quest to obtain justice for Mr Siegelman.


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