Georgia on my mind…

Before the ink had time to dry on the last plea in USA v Scruggs, the US Attorney for Northern Mississippi put a sacred cow in the pasture – USA v Moultrie – and boy does this one moo!

Three Georgia businessmen face a 16-count federal indictment involving the defunct Mississippi Beef Processors Plant, including allegations that their company tried to influence a Mississippi public official through campaign contributions.

Musgrove was governor from January 2000 to January 2004, when most of the work was done to develop the Mississippi Beef Processors plant. He is now challenging Republican Roger Wicker for a U.S. Senate seat…

Moultrie’s attorney, Tom Freeland of Oxford, said Moultrie “categorically denies all of the charges in the indictment, has entered his plea of absolutely not guilty today on all charges and looks forward to proving his complete innocence at trial.”

Freeland’s claim prompted one reader of the Clarion Ledger to comment:

Attorney Freeman (sic) sounds suspiciously like Attorney Keker as he was proclaiming his client Dickie Scruggs’ innocence and how much they were looking forward to the trial so they could clear his name,,,,just before Dickie decided to plead guilty.

With a Senate seat on the line, there’s more to come on USA v Moultrie.

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  1. Why hasnt anything happened to the ex-Governor, ronnie Musgrove with this affiliation with Facility Group?

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