Yo Allstate: Florida Isn’t Amused OIR Moves to Ban Allstate

Earlier this week there was some improtant developments involving Florida’s battle with Allstate. As we have repeatedly noted in our continuing coverage of Allstate there is a pattern of behavior exhibited by this insurance giant of ignoring lawful subpoenas and court orders. Worse according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation complaint:

Encompass Floridian Insurance Company‚Äôs chief executive officer knowingly made and filed a false certification….. Continue reading “Yo Allstate: Florida Isn’t Amused OIR Moves to Ban Allstate”

Florida Again Dominates the Insurance Battle

There were two big announcements out of Florida this week, one involving Allstate and one involving State Farm. I’ll tackle State Farm first since it is more complex and the most disingenuous.

Some background is in order for State Farm. When Florida created a state market for cheaper reinsurance it also mandated premium reductions for those who took advantage of the program. Two major insurers filed for rate increases after buying the state reinsurance, Allstate and State Farm. When Insurance Commissioner McCarty ordered rate hearings for the increases (rate hearings in Florida involve public sworn testimony including revealing the basis for the rate increases) State Farm backed down and instead reduced their homeowner premiums in accordance with the law.

As is their custom in states where they do not get their way including here in Mississippi Continue reading “Florida Again Dominates the Insurance Battle”