Commissioner Chaney Scores!

Newly elected Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney announced Aegis Security Insurance Company will begin writing new policies in Mississippi.

We welcome the good news, Commissioner Chaney – and look forward to more.

3 thoughts on “Commissioner Chaney Scores!”

  1. I am sure he will be a little more careful then the last guy when reading the fine print coming from the insurance industry.

  2. Let’s hope so. I was just glad to have something positive happen for the people on the Coast.

    He also opened an office on the Coast – something George Dale should have done immediately in my opinion.

    Chaney’s also one reason I don’t get all rattled by attorney’s contributing to Hood’s campaign. Chaney took contributions from insurance agents, just not companies.

    Most people here don’t have the income to contribute to political campaigns – although we’re the #1 one state on the % of our population making charitable contributions. I guess we can hope they pray for our politicians when they go to church – most of these contributions are to religious organizations.

    That’s another interesting dimension to Chaney btw – his sense of “justice” is rooted in his faith. I recall him taking a stand on an unpopular issue early in his first term as a member of the House – one that most Republicans opposed – and saying it was a matter of faith.

    I didn’t intend such a lengthy reply, Russell – but, then again, I don’t recall another opportunity to comment on what appears to be good news about insurance on the Coast.

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