Pink Pig: How Insurance Crooks View You the Customer/Claimant

Folks this Cowboy has been educatin’ the public for almost a year now on how these fancy insurance crooks masqueradin’ as honest businessmen screw the public. Welp folks, nothing says how these miscreants view their own customers better than their own words. In today’s installment of “As the Pink Pig Turns” we hear how a insurance company was actually proud of screwin’ their customers, including a man so badly injured in a car accident he couldn’t work for a year yet these crooks wouldn’t give him anything. He had to sue and the rest is history. For Nick Peressini Pink Pigs do fly. But what about the countless untold others – the 80-90% that just take their screwin’ from Big Insurance unable to fight back?

Here is some deposition quotes from one of them crooks. Though he admits he done wrong he is still ain’t sorry for what he done.

In the deposition video, it is clear that Scott is not sorry for how Peressini’s claim was handled.

Livingston: “For each one of those months, April through October, you violated the regulation, correct?”
Scott: “Yes.”
Livingston: “And that wasn’t fair to Mr. Peressini, was it?”
Scott: “No.”
Livingston: “So you think she’s lying under oath about what she did, or do you think maybe you ought to accept what she said under oath and apologize to this guy?”
Scott: “I’m not going to apologize.”
Livingston: “Why not?”
Scott: “‘Cause I’m not going to.”
Livingston: “Why not?”
Scott: “‘Cause I’m not going to.

So there you have it folks, these insurance claims adjustin’ crooks think you are a rube, a conquest, another notch on their belt buckle on their way to collectin’ their big fat Christmas bonus and they don’t care if they cheat you. It makes this Cowboy sick to his stomach! Pull up a chair and watch the news story embedded on the web page courtesy of 7news Denver.

We’re all supposed to have insurance and at one time we will all likely need to file a claim. Ever wonder how the companies decide what to pay and when to pay?

7NEWS looked into a company’s practice that the state’s insurance commissioner calls “inappropriate and unprofessional conduct.”

The company, American Family Insurance, said it’s done nothing wrong

But a Boulder jury said there was something wrong and handed down a $3 million verdict against American Family Insurance.