Bad Faith Claims Handling: The New Norm for Big Insurance

Folks we got sold a pig in the poke with tort reform as our legislators just give them crooks in Gucci suits a bigger club to hit the common man right in the head. That’s right boys and girls, insurance companies will deny legitimate claims knowing most folks won’t fight ’em but occasionally people do like this Tow Truck outfit. So pop some pop corn, pull up a chair and see if Pink Pigs Fly. This video is dedicated to this Cowboy’s favorite corporate insurance lawyer in Portland Oregon, Mr. David Rossmiller.

Like this story says and Sop can personally vouch, there is no dollar amount too low for these crooks to try and screw you. And don’t you know that corporate insurance lawyers love making big fat fees fightin‘ for a year over $3000. If you want to be paid fair like, be prepared to sue!