Benefits of Doubt

Until this week, I thought Ground Zero was as low as you could go; but, I underestimated the power of Hurricane Katrina.

Sop’s “Sunday Bonus” was intended as our collective “pass” on extending the scope of this blog to include the legal storm that hit the Scruggs Katrina Group. In fact, by the time we were up and running, the wind of that storm had broken the group apart and the Scruggs firm was “roof surfing” in the surge of an indictment.

The great lesson of Katrina, however, has been the benefits of doubt – so much so that the only certainty at times has been the storm. If it weren’t for doubt about claims handling, there would have been no justice for all who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina.

The benefits of doubt balance the scales of justice. Too many are weighing the claims related to the indictment of Scruggs without benefit of doubt – and, guilt or innocence aside, injustice is the result.

Thus, I open the scales of justice here for discussion and welcome all who want to weigh in and provide the benefit of doubt.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of Doubt”

  1. Thought provoking post pardner. The news looks bad for certain but we still have not heard the other side.

    Sop wrote a glowing review of Folo but that was before the trailer park lynch mob showed up. The great thing about blogs is they democraticize mass communications. That is also the worst thing about blogs in my view.

    Folks don’t want to be shouted down and when the sentiment of a blog, a group or society runs overwhelmingly one way folks who might have a different take are discouraged from speaking up.

    In the end time will talk about Dickie Scruggs but this Cowboy has better things to do than fawn over the latest legal motion du jour 24×7. I read Rossmiller but don’t post there ’cause I think ole Dave is a wolf in sheeps clothing. I read Folo but between all them lawyers and the lynch mob this Cowboy has nothing to contribute there right now either.

    That doesn’t mean them Scruggs blogs aren’t worthwhile reading but they’ll be gone when this plays out just like that Duke blog ole lynchin’ Jane talked about last night on Folo. When the curtain comes down the crowd will leave though ole Rossmiller will keep his small crowd of insurance folks and Lotus will keep her small band of leftist politickers. The rest will simply move on.

    Speaking of benefit of the doubt the guy that’s been mugged worst via rumor has been Trent Lott. The bloodlust and hidden agendas against Lott on places like the comments left on the C-L stories, Folo and Rossmiller’s place is obvious and lamentable – to the point where folks will look silly if he isn’t drug into this mess.

  2. I know none of us want any voice to be silenced by discouragement or anyone to feel their opinion adds no value to the discussion – and that applies to both the insurance issue and, now, the Scruggs indictment as well as any issues we might address in the future.

    If our effort accomplishes nothing more, we would have accomplished much just by providing a Forum where every voice feels it can be heard.

  3. I agree former Senator Lott has been cyber-mugged to this point. Perhaps something will come out to justify the rumors but there is nothing official beyond Mr. Lott and Mr Scruggs being married to sisters (technically does not make them brothers-in-law) and the courtesy call to Judge Delaughter.

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