Follow the Money Pardners to The Fox in the Henhouse

Now this Cowboy has known for a long time that the insurance industry was in charge of the Mississippi Insurance Department, especially when George Dale was in charge and layin’ down with them crooks. Now they is becoming more brazen as one of them hired guns has sashayed out of hiding to do the bidding of his master USAA Insurance Company. His name is Greg Copeland and when he ain’t hepin’ his pay master to keep people homeless or lobbyin’ against the little man for his pay master at big insurance or representing George Dale in court he is is eating at the public trough over at the Mississippi Windpool. Ole Greg sure does get around folks.

Take a look at the windpool website and see if you can tell who runs it? Them boys sure must not be proud of their work up there or else they’d tell us who was on the Board of Directors and such beyond, “The MWUA is administered by a Board of Directors and all rules and regulations are subject to the review of the Commissioner of Insurance. The Board of Directors consists of eight members, five (5) to be representatives of the member companies and three (3) representatives of agencies from the coast area appointed by the Commissioner of Insurance.”

This Cowboy is reminded of the cockroach theory (tip of the 10 gallon hat to Sop for that one) when it comes to that bunch at the windpool. Nothing but bad news and ohhh dawgie do they hide from the sunshine. This Cowboy wonders how much wind pool premium went to things like lavish travel and commish for Greg and the gang? Like Sop pointed out to me after he looked at their financial statement for 2006 that these folks must not have an annual audit. Even worse is the fact that almost 22% of the premiums collected from us good folk in the 6 coastal counties went to commissions in 2006. It don’t take no financial expert to smell the stink on Crane Ridge Drive in Jackson. That smell is so bad this Cowboy can smell it all the way down here on the coast and it stinks worse than pig shit mixed with dead fish!

So this Cowboy is gonna give the folks reading us a two-fer Tuesday as Mr. Copeland and his band of greedy corporate lawyers who make money keeping folks homeless deserves two posts. I also challenge the good folks reading us in New York, Jackson and Washington to follow their nose to the stink this Cowboy describes.

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