Wind Claim Dumping on the Flood Program: The Mechanics

Folks, Sop used actual photographs to explain the concept of claims dumping on his earlier post on the topic, the visual account of which set a site visit record for our little corner of the Internet. Now this Cowboy is gonna explain how big insurance did it, dumping their contractual wind obligations of the U.S. taxpayer. In a whistle blower lawsuit filed over New Orleans way the public adjusters projected that if the error rate they found held true, us taxpayers were bilked out of over $9 BILLION dollars by big insurance. Some examples found by the public adjusters include:

“a group of four-plex apartments in eastern New Orleans were compensated for flood damage with taxpayer money even though they experienced no flooding. Each building in same complex was paid only a pittance for severe wind damage on its regular property insurance policies. American National Property & Casualty Insurance Co., or ANPAC Louisiana Insurance Co., paid the owner of several buildings in the Versailles Gardens subdivision on Alsace Street about $95,000 in flood damages, or about half the value of each property’s individual $200,000 flood policy, even though no flood waters got inside the buildings.”

Over here in Mississippi, State Farm used faulty and on occasion even altered engineered reports to dump their wind obligations on us. Take a look at these two engineering reports, the first one authored by engineer Paul Monie and verified by him as his work product. The second one was altered to let State Farm off the hook without his knowledge or consent. After Steve helped Mr. Beckham track down Paul Monie and it was brought to light that State Farm and their lackeys at Rimkus engineering had no problem defrauding a 70 year old man guess what happened next? You got it folks, State Farm experienced a Come to Jesus moment and paid Mr. Beckham. In fact they paid him so much money he can’t talk about it any more. This Cowboy can talk about how them crooks tried to steal from an old man though and he just did. 🙂

In fact, thanks to Congressman Gene Taylor we got us a whole list of examples of how crooks in Gucci suits and their scalleywag corporate lawyer enablers tried to screw the good folks on the coast who lost their houses out of big money. We started with ole man Beckham cause Steve knows him but he ain’t the only one by a long shot.