Home for Christmas…only in dreams

Since Christmas 2004, many of the people of Katrina Ground Zero have been home for Christmasonly in their dreams.

All do dream. Whatever they called “home” – humble or grand, rented or owned, is gone. Some 14,000 are celebrating yet another Christmas in a travel trailer. Others are sharing space in another family’s home. Many of those able to find temporary housing found little more than a roof over their head.

The emotional and financial toll is staggering and there is no Santa Clause delivering a Gulf Coast version of Miracle on 34 Street for those caught in the crossfire of the “insurance war” or the logjam in Congress over HB3121.

As they have done since Katrina, the people of Ground Zero continue to give to others at Christmas – even when all they have to give is themselves.

Although most had been “slabbed” by Katrina, the remaining members of the Coast Choral – about one-third the number before the storm – gathered to sing their annual concert that first Christmas. Yet unable to replace the music and other items lost to Katrina by Christmas 2007, they continue to bring “Joy to the World of Ground Zero.

In the spirit of Christmas, please remember the people of Ground Zero who will be home for Christmas…only in dreams.