Jim Brown: Often, little concern or justice in Louisiana

Thursday, April 16th, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Remember the scene in the movie, The Fugitive, where Harrison Ford is about to jump off a cliff into a raging river? He turns to his pursuer, a federal agent played by Tommy Lee Jones, and says: “I’m innocent!” Jones shakes his head and says: “I don’t care.” In recent months, a series of investigative reports from across the Bayou State have concluded that numerous federal and state prosecutors are primarily interested in winning — getting the indictment, the guilty plea, the conviction. But when it comes to seeking justice, one could argue that many prosecutors just don’t seem to care.

Legal observers across the nation have colluded that if you want to find the most egregious examples of wayward prosecutors who think nothing of hiding evidence that an accused is innocent, just go down to the deepest of the deep southern states. Take a look at a few of the national news stories about prosecutorial misconduct in Louisiana that have appeared nationally, just in the past few weeks.

“The U.S Attorney commenting scandal in New Orleans gave us a poster child for misconduct and appalling behavior.” The New Orleans Advocate (April 7, 2015)

“New Orleans prosecutors-egregious instances of prosecutorial misconduct. These abuses did not simply stroke the line between lawful prosecutions and heavy handedness; in the words Justice John Paul Stevens, they were “blatant and repeated.” The New York Times (April 13, 2015).

“The Untouchables: America’s Misbehaving Prosecutors, and the System that protects them. Nowhere is this ethos of impunity more apparent then in Louisiana.” The Huffington Post (April 10, 2015.)

“Grotesque Department Of Justice Misconduct- In a shocking case of “grotesque” misconduct by federal prosecutors, a federal judge in Louisiana ha ordered a new trial…” National Review (April 13, 2015) Continue Reading………

Let’s talk Hurricane Warnings and the Biloxi Mayor’s race…

It has come to my attention that Slabbed’s prognostications about upcoming indictments in Harrison County made Slabbed New Media a celebrity of sorts among this site’s target audience of those that I’ll term power news consumers. The rumor mill, especially about upcoming indictments, is notoriously unreliable for more reasons than I care to list but occasionally it is spot on. Knowing how to discern the difference is the key before there can be any sort of responsible reporting on the data points.

First things first folks, the William Martin indictment will not be the last of a public official in Harrison County according lore. I’ll also add the rumors that I mentioned a few times here on Slabbed within the last 120 days or so included three Harrison County Supervisors yet only two have been indicted to this point on what turned out to be separate issues in the Anthony bribery scandal and the MDOC Scandal. Now I want to be clear I am not saying there will be another Supervisor indicted. I am saying the early rumor, which was spot on for two Sups named actually mentioned the names of three and that is an important distinction. I will not be naming that third name at this time since it is only a fragment of a partially confirmed indictment rumor.

That said a name that appeared on these pages over the last 90 days is former Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway, who is now enjoying retired life. He wrote a most interesting letter to the editor that I would encourage everyone to read and carefully ponder for the information it conveys:

A.J. HOLLOWAY: Gilich is the best choice for Biloxi

I’m no expert on Biloxi City politics but Slabbed has commenters that have what I’d call superior knowledge of the Biloxi political scene so this curve ball of Mayor Holloway bucking the local GOP machine does not surprise me in one respect. We’re seeing the Mayor’s race becoming a two horse contest between Gillich and Harrison County Supervisor tuned brand new Biloxi City resident Windy Swetman (Swetman moved his family in with his mother in order to qualify). Swetman is the machine candidate that Mr. Holloway is bucking which is extraordinary given how long the two men have associated with Holloway as Mayor and Swetman as County Supervisor for the East Harrison-Biloxi area. There’s gotta be one heck of a back story on this folks and I’m hoping we can find a way to explore that in comments.

Comment bump | Tidelandgate: Never a dull moment here in the Bay

Slabbed can add confirmation of Desdemona’s comment (edited):

Little fun fact for those interested… Good ole Rep Eure is REALLY good friends (like county club good friends) with the famous Miller Time. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe there was some kind of spat (not sure of the details) between Baria and a few employees of Marine Resources some time back (i could be wrong, yet it could have been a rumor) Eure being on the Appropriations Committee controlling money that is managed by Marine Resources… Coincidence? I think not. So, whatever shall we do with the remaining money boys? Same game, different players my friends…

In summary:

  • Rep. Eure is REALLY good friends with Jamie Miller, who is also very good friends with Joe Cloyd.
  • There was a confrontation between Rep Baria and DMR staffers
  • Rep Eure controls the house purse strings over DMR Tideland funding.
  • Rep Baria is currently on the bench in the State House as it is controlled by the GOP
  • Rep Baria and Bay Waveland School Superintendent Rebecca Ladner politicized the local public school district back in January with Ladner’s participation in the Democrat response to Gov Phil’s State of the State address, an action that continues to generate local criticism all these months later.
  • The City of Bay St Louis track record of financial mismanagement under the Fillingame Administration speaks for itself.
  • The Fillingame Administration removed the Harbor wave break from the State Funded Harbor design plans.  The pavilion at the Harbor where the bands play is super nice though.
  • BWSD Superintendent Ladner was recently rewarded for her actions with a new three year contract.

If this sounds like a FUBAR type situation to you, then we’re all on the same page.  And of course the people that suffer from the partisanship are the people that live here but that’s normally how it works.

In other news, Rep Baria’s replacement in the State Senate, Phillip Moran, the guy that Rep Baria tried putting under the bus in the early news coverage of Tidelandgate [Seacoast Echo story here] is on Tuesday’s City Council agenda: Continue reading

Attention Attention: Advance Publications aka NOLA.com aka the Times Picayune

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Let’s think dirty and get to the bottom of what’s driving the Jackson County Sups

I heard the catch phrase “think dirty” many years ago at a course given by Dennis Dycus (along with the now politically incorrect “three b’s and a d”) and it came to mind as I followed the coverage of the Jackson County Sups telling the SRHS retirees to shut up at Monday’s meeting and today’s resulting editorial at the Sun Herald declaring the only remaining recourse the retirees have at this point is at the ballot box. It was a conclusion that Slabbed New Media reached as a matter of editorial policy three weeks ago when I wrote the following:

Just a thought but if I were one of the dedicated retiree picketers I’d strongly consider scheduling some days at the county courthouse to force the Sups to come clean on everything Billy Guice has found.

Now back to thinking dirty.  Slabbed revealed the first big clue to the big picture on March 11th when “No one can serve two masters…” A SRHS Conflict of Interest Series Part 1 was published and SRHS Trustee Scott Taylor revealed the fundamentally interest conflicted position he occupied trying to engage the plan participants on behalf of the very organization that had tried shafting them just a few months earlier. When pressed in comments by Cisco Aguilar Taylor melted down and that was an important data point.  You see folks Scott Taylor was appointed to the Singing River Trustees by Supervisor John McKay not to help the retirees. He was appointed by McKay to help McKay win reelection by making the Singing River problem go away.

Then bad news Friday, April 10th, 2015 arrived:

SRHS releases financial statements, announces job cuts ~ Brad Kessie

The SRHS PR spin was evident in the WLOX headline as there should have been no equivalency between the release of the 2014 year end and new job cuts related to continuing losses. Of course that did not stop CEO Kevin Holland from sticking to those ridiculous PR talking points blaming the auditors for a management perpetrated financial Continue reading

Attention Anonymous Email Person Dishing Dirt on the Biloxi Election

I would like to say that it is in the public’s interest that the things you mention come to light but without any sourcing, such as paid invoices and the like, you will likely find little satisfaction with the local media Slabbed included. I’m funny that way and so are the rest. If you prefer old fashioned snail mail, send it to Slabbed New Media here.

I’d also like to announce that Slabbed New Media will not be observing any two week muck free windows this special election season as the season is too short. To be considered for publication the muck must be sourced (see above).

Thank you.