A few thoughts on last Tuesday night’s Bay City Council meeting

And since I’m well occupied with various and sundry multiple irons on the fire I’ll be as brief as possible:

  1. Ms. Hammond with the Metairie based accounting firm Carr Riggs and Ingram opened her remarks by disclosing the kind of service the firm was hired to perform and that service was an “agreed-upon procedures engagement“. If you follow the link you’ll find the service is pretty reflective of its name; the client provides the assertions that need to be tested and the CPA firm tests those assertions.  Even better is what it isn’t: An audit including, except for very limited circumstances, a “compliance audit”.So what were the agreed upon procedures that Carr Riggs and Ingram was hired to perform?  Easy folks, the US Department of Justice compliance review of the City’s Equitable Sharing Fund spells it out:

    The proceeds received and spent should be included in the City’s annual financial audit as part of the Single Audit. However, certain requirements were inadequately reviewed during prior years’ audits, and the City, as directed by the DOJ, will engage a third-party to independently review and reconcile the DOJ funds equitable sharing account.

    That verbiage is likely why the City Council voted to put the previous auditors professional liability carrier on notice of a claim.

  2. Considering no money had been expended from the Equitable sharing account reviewing and reconciling it was an easy job in taking the year end affidavits and tracing the revenues into the program. The math involves addition along with some rudimentary multiplication and division to calculate interest that should have been but was not credited to the DOJ fund.  So you spend a day on site to make the calculation while Hizzoner blows copious amounts of smoke up the ol’ derriere. The resulting presentation, which was complete with smoke still emanating from Ms. Hammond’s hiney, appeared to be more an exercise in auditioning for the 2016 audit because her remarks went far beyond the scope of her work.  As for the smoke believe you me I know first hand about it because I was literally next to her broadcasting the agreed upon procedures engagement report presentation on Periscope. Proof:
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Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: After Iowa

Published on Feb 3, 2016

If HILLARY CLINTON is going to be President, she needs the election moved up by six months. Her supporters aren’t getting any younger. In Iowa, Bernie Sanders beat the bejesus out of her with people under 44 and in the under-30 segment, Sanders beat her by six to one. Seriously. The closer people got to Medicare and assisted living, the better Hillary did with them. In Hillary’s favor, it’s clear that she’s had a major upgrade in hairstyling and wardrobe since cashing some of those $200,000 Goldman Sachs speaking fee checks.

BERNIE SANDERS is a revolutionary. He makes no bones about it. He doesn’t speak with the schooled oratorical gestures of a Ted Cruz or the sappy sing-a-long crap of Marco Rubio. He gets up in front of an audience in his rumpled suit and quirky gestures and speaks from the gut about the “disgusting greed” of the ultra-wealthy. He’s a Brooklyn-born Jew with an Irish Catholic wife who delivers a message of social justice far more Christian than the so-called “Christians” on the right who start their rallies with prayers and are most enthusiastic when talking about the death penalty or carpet bombing. As of right now, Bernie is on fire. The question for him is, can he continue to bring the heat and expand the electorate. It’s not out of the question.

DONALD TRUMP is a self-proclaimed “winner” with “unbelievable polls … leading everywhere”. He likes to throw punches and treat his opponents with dismissive contempt. Now that he’s a loser, at least in Iowa, we’ll see if he really wants to be President of the United States. More than anybody in either party, Trump’s campaign has been about the Cult of Personality … Trump as Winner. He’s bleeding now, and that gives a street-fighter like Chris Christie, who has to show well in New Hampshire, an opportunity to see how Mr. Trump reacts when he is the punchee rather than the puncher. Trump has had major setbacks in his business career and overcome them to come back stronger. He was younger then. It’s entirely possible that the air will come out of the Trump presidential balloon in a New York minute.

TED CRUZ is an interesting piece of work. There’s no question that he’s smart. Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who knew Cruz when Cruz was in law school, says his mind is top-rate. He’s also good (like a game show host) before a crowd. He can quote Scripture like those fundamentalist preachers that have hairdos that look like bird nests. Plus, he’s crafty … Nixon-class crafty … and a hard worker. Continue Reading………

BREAKING: Mayor Fillingame vetoes Council votes to restore DoJ fund and related vote to recover from the Mayor’s bond

I still have some thoughts about Tuesday’s meeting but I haven’t much time to post today. That said events are moving quickly in Bay St Louis with the Mayoral vetoes issued today, which I have obtained for the public’s viewing pleasure.

Click to obtain 2 page pdf
Click to obtain 2 page pdf

From the Slabbed technology team

Around 4 PM yesterday, Slabbed.org was subject to a mass denial of service attack the details of which I will not disclose beyond the obvious that the website was effectively down for a bit over 24 hours. This afternoon some of the brightest computing minds in the Magnolia state gave Slabbed New Media a much needed assist and shut down the avenue of attack. We also optimized the website for max performance just for the heck of it.

I’ll have some thoughts on Tuesday’s City Council meeting plus we had some happenings over in Jackson County that needs some attention.

Speaking of the City Council meeting it was nice to meet a few of you in the flesh and I appreciated all of the very kind words.

Bay City Council meeting agenda released

And it is headlined by Becky Hammond, CPA. Ms. Hammond will be presenting the DoJ report to the Council.

And I have this from Facebook:

Tomorrow evening at 5:30 pm the Bay St. Louis City Council will hold their regular meeting at the Council Chambers behind the Shell Station on Main St.

The most important item on the Agenda is the report from the Department of Justice regarding the some $300,000 in Drug Forefieture Funds that the DOJ has deemed misappropriated and have issued to the city an immediate demand for repayment.

The Mayor made an attempt 2 weeks ago to transfer funds from the General Fund to the DOJ account without authorization from the Council. The Council overrode that action and made him replace the money to the General Fund.

Tomorrow the Council must rule on how this repayment will be handled. Continue reading “Bay City Council meeting agenda released”

Gee this is beginning to sound very familiar, a three pack

I was catching up on Jackson Jambalaya this morning and was cross pollinated, for lack of a better term on this post about Madison Businessman Cliff Torrence’s scrape with the law for allowing underage drinking at his residence in violation of Mississippi’s “social host” statute, which is invoked when an underage drinking party gets out of control and the police are called in. If it was not for the fact that I’m going to highlight three posts the post title for the Torrence saga alone would run under the lede: Judge Breland Hilburn: Where cases go to die a quiet death. Here’s why:

Thus, Mr. Torrence managed to escape the thirty-day sentence Judge McKinley wanted to impose and only paid a thousand-dollar fine. The 2014 violations occurred while he was serving the sentence of unsupervised probation. Mr. Phillips filed a motion to show cause on July 23, 2014 and asked the court to revoke his probation and incarcerate him for 90 days. The motion also disclosed Mr. Torrence had not completed the Courtwatch analysis program. Earlier post with copy of each case file.

The hearing was supposed to be held on August 18, 2014 but was continued until November 10, 2014. The November hearing did not take place as Judge Steve Ratcliff recused himself on November 7. He stated that the “court had been contacted by someone other than defense counsel on behalf of the defendant with information about this case.” The Mississippi Supreme Court appointed Retired Circuit Judge Breland Hilburn to hear the case on November 13.

The docket contains no entries after that date. There are no motions to schedule a hearing, no notices, no nothing. The case is just there, collecting dust.

Moving right along Kingfish has been giving daily updates on legendary Mississippi TeeVee reporter Bert Case, who died earlier this week after a long battle with sepsis. I’m not certain there is a TeeVee reporter in this area that can hold a candle to Bert’s lifetime body of work. For those of you down here that have no clue about Bert, here is a good place to start.

Finally Jackson Jambalaya is going to war, literally, with the Island View Casino Continue reading “Gee this is beginning to sound very familiar, a three pack”