Obviously we have some catching up to do

First up is the Whistleblower and the copious amount of comments left yesterday evening about Scott Walker and Hancock County Supervisor Steve Seymour. I’m not clearing them through the moderation que because it will save a lawsuit or two (or three).

That said there is someone that made contact with me, as luck would have it, typically on days over the past few months when all hell was breaking loose. Since we have copious amounts of disaster management experience here at Slabbed New Media thanks to the Hurricane from which this website’s name is derived, no task is forgotten and I hope to have some quality muck raked for everyone very soon.

Speaking of tasks, sometime in the recent past a reader was kind enough to send in some photos and I absolutely love reader photos. This pic of Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts, for instance, is a legendary Slabbed classic. Along those lines we are in a  political season here in South Mississippi so some photos from the east side of the coast are in order.  The first documents a wanton act of vandalism of the type that civilized society fully condemns so we start at Frank Palazzo’s place just north of the Promenade: Continue reading

Back home in the mountains……

They call politicians that do not hold town hall meetings because they are too scared to meet with their constituents or debate their opponents Kentucky Warblers because it has “olive-green upperparts and yellow underparts.” aka a Yella Belly.

Taylor challenges Palazzo to debate ~ Paul Hampton

No debate, Palazzo says to Taylor’s hand-delivered challenge ~ Anita Lee

U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo declines Gene Taylor’s debate challenge ~ Gareth Clary

A reader comment to Clary’s article illustrates a potential reason why Palazzo prefers to remain in hiding:

I want somebody, Gene Taylor will do, to ask Steven Palazzo what he knows about the sale/ purchase of a piece of property at 323 Front Beach, Ocean Springs owned in part by his father,Frank Palazzo, using CIAP funds at the direction of convicted felon Dr.William Walker. The inflated price of almost one million per acre was paid for a low lying drainage basin in a V zone and is equal to the robbery of a bank.This was a robbery of the taxpayers he wants to continue to represent. Did he help in any way access the federal funds used to purchase his dad’s property? Then we need to ask him what he knows about the indictment of his former chief of staff, Michael Janus. Has he been involved in any way with the D’Iberville-IMMS aquarium scandal or has he helped get federal dollars for this scam? This is the real reason he will not debate in my opinion.

Taxpayer funded Palazzo family land deals has been an occasional topic here on Slabbed.

Goatherder Legal: Another crash and burn on display in the local media

St. Tammany DA ramps up charge against legal adversary ~ Sara Pagones

Vincent Wynne, who represents GDH and Riecke, points to the fact that the federal lawsuit was dismissed and that his clients won their civil suit against Sharp. Wynne said that attorney Danny Abel, who initially represented Sharp and filed the federal suit, had “left a mess” and “put up so many smokescreens,” costing his clients money.

Vance, the federal judge, ordered Abel to pay the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office attorney’s fees of $22,382 in a separate but similar case, in which Abel had accused the office of violating a St. Tammany woman’s rights by seizing certain items in a search.

Abel has also been admonished by Rothschild for making irresponsible claims of fraud against the District Attorney’s Office in yet another, also unrelated case.

Sources tell Slabbed Mr. Sharp has since obtained professional legal representation. Stay tuned.

Records are meant to be broken……(Updated)

Folks, thanks to a shout out from Bubba the Love Sponge, it appears the case of the lusty lawyer and cabbie may just has shattered the Slabbed site traffic records now previously associated with the LSU Sorority girl turned amature porn star.

We had so much site traffic on this post that at one point this morning just after 7 AM local time it caused a Slabbed server to temporarily crash.

Thanks Bubba!

I think she knows she’s in big trouble

At least that is what Megan Huntsman’s mugger tells me:

Megan Huntsman Mugger

Accused Murderer Megan Huntsman

There has got to be serious human psychology behind anyone who engages in filicide and sure enough there is lots of information out there on the topic. Here is a three pack with the first link especially well timed:

Analysis: 32 years of U.S. filicide arrests ~ David Orenstein, Brown University

An Overview of Filicide ~ Dr. Sara West, National Institute of Health

Filicide-suicide: common factors in parents who kill their children and themselves ~ Dr. Susan Hatters, University Hospitals of Cleveland

Huntsman’s defense at least has some place to start.