Learning the hard way why basic economics applies to everyone: A water deadbeat update

One naturally wonder what could be if the local busybodies bringing the UN in to Detroit Michigan are actually did something productive to help those that are less fortunate thus I whip out 2 Thessalonians 3:10:

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, If any will not work, neither let him eat.

But lest I be accused of misinterpreting the bible by some well meaning yet misguided progressive type, Paul was chastizing the Thessalonians for being busybodies wasting their time meddling instead of working for the good of society. Man o’ man when I saw the local Detroit rabble rousers rabbling with UN human rights people on the TeeVee earlier this week, I had a Thessalonian moment but it gets better folks because in researching the issue I found that the local Detroit newspaper actually believes there is such a thing as a free lunch when the City, firmly ensconced in bankruptcy proceedings, actually started to <gasp>, shut off its water deadbeats:

Editorial: Why Detroit water shutoffs are not an open-and-shut case ~ Detroit Free Press Editorial Board

If this all this sounds familiar to you folks here in the Bay that read this project it should as such things are topical dating to about this time last year here on Slabbed.  There is no such thing as a free lunch despite the idiotic musings of the Detroit newspaper and the subsequent discourse, of course, then degenerated into typical tactics of finger pointing and demonization in justification of freeloading:

EDITORIAL: Detroit’s water ‘spigot bigots’ ~ Washington Times Editorial Board

But then something magical happened at the Detroit Free Press, a reporter with an appropriate surname there actually asked a few salient questions about how other Cities actually kept their Utility receivables current: Continue reading

Monday Miscellany: Crashes and Canvas….

I should get to a more normal posting schedule later this week as the deadlines pass. Until then here are a few links.

It appears the folks at the BP claims facility have run the neighborhood canvass on Jason Berry and then some:

DHECC – zombie stalking ~ Jason Berry

IBM Report: Independent journalist covering BP case investigated over leaked emails ~ Kyle Barnett, Louisiana Record

It seems like yesterday that Aaron Broussard and his Goatherders were running canvases on me and select members of the Slabbed Nation.

The secret to surviving such muck campaigns: Continue reading

Old friends, new friends and legal ethics back in the news…..

I have a busy day on tap so I’ll simply direct everyone to the following and hope the lifers will fill in the gaps for everyone on some of the players because the following is too rich!

Slidell man files bar complaints against Tammany sheriff’s lawyer, top deputy ~ Sara Pagones

Having competing newspapers in New Orleans rocks!

Jim Brown: Louisiana – They’re Gonna Wash Us Away!

Thursday, October 16th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


During the last few days of our family vacation, we ended up in Boston. The newspaper headlines were startling. “Boston Could Become the Next Venice,” warned the Boston Globe. “Boston Sinking into The Sea,” blared the New York Times. A newly released report by the Urban Land Institute predicted that “Boston is sinking at a rate of more than a tenth of an inch a year.” The Governor of Massachusetts has set up a statewide strategy commission and earmarked $50 million out find out how to save the city from drowning. There’s panic in Boston.

A tenth of an inch a year? Parts of south Louisiana are sinking at a rate ten times faster. Public officials throughout the Bayou State have known about the continuing and growing losses for decades. There have been numerous studies done, but that’s about it. And as each year passes, the cost to remedy this problem continues to escalate.

Twenty-five years ago, the cost of major damage mitigation was pegged at $14 million. There was the assumption that substantial federal help would be available. After all, the nation has benefited tremendously from the reaping the state’s natural resources — oil and gas, seafood, sulfur, not to mention that Louisiana is the largest chemical producer in the country. And Louisiana’s congressional delegation repeatedly ballyhooed how strong their political sway was in Washington.

But the dollars never materialized. And now the price tag has skyrocketed. State officials currently give out figures as high as $50 billion. But some scientists, a number of whom have been left out of any solution discussions, say this figure is drastically low. A minimum of $100 billion or even higher would be more like it, they say. Continue Reading…….

Slabbed Finance: In case you were wondering what the heck is a VIX and SPOOS……

The financial markets worldwide are getting slaughtered and the best financial twitter accounts are spouting inside acronyms faster than Ebola is spreading in Big D. Here are some examples:

SPOOS is slang for S&P 500 Index futures. VIX? Here is a hint: Continue reading